Posted by: St. Florence Catholic Church | November 19, 2021

Fr Oscar Hernandez Homily for Nov 20/21, 2021(Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe)

Our King was one of us or we are even today.

Who or what comes first in your life? Our celebration of Jesus Christ as King today means that we place Jesus first in our lives at all times. On this last Sunday of this liturgical year before Advent begins next Sunday we celebrate publicly that Jesus is first in our lives. The meaning is clear: all of creation, in this world and beyond, is subject to Christ. No one, and nothing, is greater.

But looking around us, we wonder how many people understand that. How many of us who call ourselves Christians really believe that?  Many today we are not ruled by Christ the King. They are ruled by something else: by materialism, by fear, by mistrust. Some are even ruled, resentment, by hate, by Satan. – Those should not rule us.

The world must know: We are Christians. Our King is Christ. This feast could not come at a more important moment. This is the time for us to profess our allegiance to Jesus who says: “everyone who belongs to the truth listen to my voice”.

How do we reflect that? First, we believe the truth of what our King taught. We follow his greatest commandment: “Love one another.” We honor his teaching: “When you see a stranger, somebody who needs your help, do you attend to him?.” 

Do you have courage to comfort the one who suffers? Sometimes you only have to listen to the other person without saying much. I always remember these words: “Do not be afraid.” It is the magic phrase that I have always heard when I ask for advice on any problem. Jesus was not afraid when Pilate Questioned Him. We are not afraid, because we are Christians. Our King is Christ.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, gathered around tables laden with food and family and faith, we cannot forget those who have lost everything this year, in some cases their lives, because of illnesses, accidents, or hunger in other countries by their faith.

Many people are relegated by our society, and who look at us Christians as their only possibility to find Jesus’ love and goodness. They also have names and surnames, like we do: immigrants, drug addicts, wrongdoers, AIDS victims, unemployed, destitute… Jesus wants to heal them, to remedy their suffering, to solve their problems; and He expects our unselfish, free, efficient collaboration… for love. We are one.

Let this, then, be our prayer: that we remember what we are called to be—and that we remember The One we serve, our true King. That we strive always to do him honor. That we reflect the gospel he taught us and the example he gave us.

That we see the dignity of every human life. Our faith calls us to do no less. Our faith, put it, calls us to be more.

Secondly, in professing our loyalty to our King, we appreciate the teachings of his holy Catholic Church on earth. The greatest teachers have shown us the way. Sometimes we accept the teachings that suit us and although we pray the creed some truths of faith we do not accept them. Are we really Catholics?. Is Christ our true King?

This Sunday, on this feast, we acclaim that. But let us resolve, here and now, to acclaim that not just on this feast. We need to give witness to it every day—with how we live…and with how we love, and how we believe and in whom we believe.

Let the world know this: We stand beside Jesus, who always was beside the senior, the weak and the helpless, the persecuted and forgotten, sick, regardless of race or religion. And we do it for this reason. Jesus is not like kings of earthly kingdoms who may be remote from their people. Jesus is close to us, he walks by our side, he lifts us up when we need help, and he gives his life for us.   We are Christians. Our King is Christ.      I am the Alpha and the Omega, “says the Lord God, “the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty” And every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord”.

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