Choir Notes


SUGGESTED MUSIC (Updated April 29, 2014–these are subject to change):

 MAY 4, 2014  (May Crowning of the Blessed Mother)

Procession:  Hail Mary, Gentle Woman #700 OR Ave Maria (Norbet) #706  (First Communion children will join procession with Fr. Richard and crown Mary [statue in front of Ambo], kids will return to seats and Mass will start.

Glory to God—Heritage Mass Glory to God by Owen Alstott (it is in your white notebook or Breaking Bread)

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia

Blessing with Baptismal Water (during Easter season):  River of Glory #658

Preparation of the gifts (offertory):  Eat This Bread #351

All of these are in “Breaking Bread” (except the Mystery of Faith) or use your white notebook:

           Holy, Holy, Holy-– Mass of Creation

           The Mystery of Faith…Save us Savior of the World

           Great Amen—Mass of Creation

Lamb of God—Mass of Creation

Communion: You are Mine #485

Closing: Christ the Lord, Is Risen Today #169 or Jesus Christ is Risen Today #164

MAY 11, 2014   Sunday of Easter (Mother’s Day)


Prep. of Gifts:





  1. Thank you for all that you do! I know you don’t hear it enough but we do appreciate the music you provide at the Mass on Sundays.

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