Lay Ministry Schedules

Click here for the St. Florence Liturgical Calendar and Minister schedule through March 26, 2023.

Directions for Communion Ministers:

(Contact Chris Kennedy at for info or to be a Communion Minister)

It has become evident that there are several times when the Eucharistic Ministers (EM) have an opportunity to bow. Bow as you approach and leave the altar and do so in sync with each other. However, DO NOT BOW when receiving Communion on the altar.

As to bringing the ciborium from the tabernacle to the altar at Communion when the Deacon or MC/Acolyte is not at Mass, one thing to note – take caution when you close the tabernacle door, it can “slam” if you don’t hold onto the key when you close it. Father would also appreciate some help at Mass distributing the host if the Deacon or MC/Acolyte is not there, Sunday Morning Mass in particular. His desire is to be as efficient as possible to free up time during Mass for reflection on the Word or in prayer. I’d ask each of us when we go to Mass to be aware of whether or not the Deacon or MC/Acolyte is available and, should there be a need (i.e. big crowd), volunteer by joining the two scheduled Ministers to walk up to the altar. The Minister on the left as you’re walking up will still go to the tabernacle and get the ciborium.

  • When you finish distributing the Most Precious Blood, i.e., the cup is empty, finish ablutions, i.e. drink any remaining wine.
  • If the plate holding the hosts has any “residue” of hosts sweep it into a chalice with your fingers, add water and consume. Rinse off the plate and you can leave it to “air dry” on the counter or dry with a towel.
  • Chalices should be rinsed out thoroughly with either the holy water or regular tap water, and chalices turned over to dry on the towel below the window, next to the sink
  • The carafes holding the water and wine from Mass should be emptied into the sink, rinsed with tap water and placed on counter to air dry
  • If there are any other items, e.g., bowl to wash Father’s hands, rinse thoroughly and place on counter to air dry or dry with a towel.
  • Used purificators are to be placed in the basket for laundering.

Once Mass is done, remove items on the credence table to the sacristy for final cleaning. Please do not put the towel in the lavabo bowl to carry into the sacristy. Finish rinsing the chalices in the sacristy and place them on the towel (next to the sink) to dry. Put purificators in the laundry basket.

When Deacon Terry or Chris is not at Mass and therefore not available to bring additional hosts to the altar for Communion, the EM approaching the altar on the left side of the aisle will go to the tabernacle (after bowing) to get the chalice with hosts and place it on the altar; then join the other EM awaiting communion. Father will put the chalice back in the tabernacle when he is done distributing Communion.

Pineview Assisted Living (Formerly Stoney Brooke) Ministry

Pineview Assisted Living Center is located in Eden at 2547 Valley Junction Dr Eden, Utah 84310 (behind the Eden/Liberty post office). Pineview residents live independently yet get the care they need from the facilities caring staff. St. Florence learned a few years ago that a few of the residents are Catholic. Our Priest began visiting at least 1x week to celebrate Mass with the residents. In addition, St. Florence volunteers visit weekly to take Communion to the residents. If you would like to join in this ministry, please contact Chris Kennedy at

Lector Procedure (click them for larger images)

Lector Procedure ALector Procedure B

Have you ever considered the possibility of being a Lector? It is a wonderful way to become more familiar with the Scriptures, making it more meaningful in your life and worship. If you are interested, contact Kathie Gamundi-Gassman at This ministry is open to all, including youth who have been confirmed.

ALTAR SERVERS Whenever you attend Mass, please check to see if an altar server is present and ready to serve at that Mass, even if you are not scheduled. 2 or even 3 servers per Mass are welcome to participate in this important ministry! We really need altar servers–adults are welcome to serve! Training will be provided. Please encourage your friends at St. Florence to become altar servers. Contact Chris Kennedy at for more information or if interested in helping.

Parents, please talk to your children about becoming an altar server. This is a wonderful experience giving your child the opportunity to serve the Lord and our community.

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