Every week from Wednesday at 6:00pm until Thursday at 6:00pm continues at St. Florence.  Since at least 2 people are desired for each time slot, people are still needed to attend for 1 hour weekly at several times during the 24 hours.   “Floaters” ae also needed who can cover when the regular people cannot attend.  For safety, the church is kept locked, and Adorers given access to unlock the doors.  Resources are available to learn how to pray during adoration.  For more information and to sign up please email  


Altar Servers assist the Celebrant at Mass and sometimes in funerals, baptisms, and weddings. This ministry offers the youth of our parish the opportunity to play an active role in today’s liturgy. Adults as well as youth who have made their First Communion and older, are encouraged to sign up. Time Commitment: 2-4 Masses/month. Contact: Chris Kennedy (


This is an opportunity to help with many volunteer and service opportunities within our church community (meals, rides, babysitting, home help, etc).  Please contact Dawn Mendez for more information, to volunteer, or if you need help with any of these services:


Manages the set-up, serving and cleanup for the ‘coffee/juice & cookies’ service after each weekend Mass. Refreshments provided.  Parish youth and families are encouraged to participate!  Time Commitment: 10 minutes before and 30 minutes after Saturday or Sunday Mass, 1-2 times per month. Contact: Ann Zieve (


Lectors​​ enhance the celebration of the Liturgy through the prayerful and powerful proclamation of the Word of the Lord. The training information reviews the protocol and duties of a lector. Time Commitment:​​ 1-2 Masses/month.​ Contact:​​ Kathie Gamundi-Gassman (


Mission Statement

We are a group of families creating a Catholic environment in which to raise our children. We seek to bring to life and daily living the rich heritage and teachings of the Catholic faith. We want our children to experience the traditions and customs of the church. We want our children to live life with intention, knowing they are loved by Jesus Christ, and are meant to be with Him forever in Heaven. Finally, we are a community that fosters Christian friendships, both for ourselves and for our children. We support each other with the practical struggles of daily life and learn from one another ways and techniques to be better spouses and parents.  


Luke TwoForty is intended for Catholic families (single parents, grandparents, guardians, etc.) from around the Ogden area.  We invite you to bring the whole family including older children.  While some events are more age specific, most are intended for the whole family.  Parents with only infant children are always welcome to join for the fellowship. We will include in the description if an event is intended for a specific age range.    

Upcoming Events

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For further information or to be added to the email list, please contact

More information about events can also be found on our Facebook Page


To serve in an advisory capacity to assist the Pastor in all matters except decisions pertaining to the spiritual affairs of the Community. Responsibilities include attending scheduled meetings (usually Sept – June) and help with events/projects as needed. Time Commitment: 1.5 hours/meetings and as needed for events/projects. Typically 2 year term. Contact: Fr. Joshua or Ann Zieve (


The Music Ministry is a vital part of the Liturgy enhancing the celebration of the Mass by leading the congregation in joyous and prayerful song and hymns. The musicians and choir participate each week at the Saturday or Sunday Mass, as well as certain holy days. We rehearse 30 minutes before mass in the church. Adults as well as youth age 12 and above are welcome! Time Commitment: Each Saturday or Sunday. Contact: Alfonso Tenreiro, Music Director; (


Mission Statement

Teams of Our Lady is a movement of Christian Marriage Spirituality, which brings together couples united by the Sacrament of Matrimony, and who wish, together, to deepen the graces of their Sacrament.

It offers married couples a pathway toward love, happiness and holiness. This movement’s aim is to help couples live fully their Sacrament of Marriage.

“Teams of Our Lady have as their essential aim, to help couples strive after holiness—no more, no less.” (Fr. Henri Caffarel, founder of the Teams of Our Lady)  


Teams is a group of 5-7 couples and a spiritual counselor that meet monthly to share a simple meal, prayer, sharing on the endeavors, and a study topic that has family/marriage/spiritual focus. The endeavors are the heart of the spirit of Teams. The couples form a unit that is supportive and caring; where ideas are exchanged and thoughts are challenged.  In addition to the meetings there are opportunities for a yearly retreat and family prayer.  There are couples of all ages in Teams, with and without children.  

More information about the international organization and its history can be found by clicking here.

All couples who decide to join will make a commitment to be a part of a Team for a year. We will hold information sessions prior to this where couples can learn more before commiting.


For questions or to be included on emails about upcoming information sessions, please contact


Ushers​​ assist as needed with Mass set-up, seating attendees during Mass or special services; coordinating the collection; guiding parishioners approaching the altar for Communion, straightening church after Mass. Time Commitment: ​​1-2 Masses per month. ​Contact​​: Ann Zieve (


Everyone ages 11-18 are welcome to St. Joseph’s Youth group! We meet every other Friday for events such as Eucharistic Adoration, movie streaming, game nights, and saint stories. Time Commitment: Two Friday nights a month. Contact: St. Joseph office at 801-399-5627

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