Religious Education

Adult & Children Classes: Contact the St. Joseph Church office at 801-399-5627

RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults): Are you interested in becoming a Catholic or returning to the Catholic faith after a long absence?   Contact Deacon Terry Waiss at email

Four Minute Reflections of the Mass: At the request of Bishop Wester, each parish in the diocese will have the opportunity to hear a series of short talks developed by the diocese on the structure of the Mass. These Four Minute Reflections, following the Prayer after Communion, will help the assembly to come to a better understanding of the Mass and to participate more fully, consciously, and actively. The Four-Minute Reflections are scheduled to begin the First Sunday of Advent, 11/29-30/2014 & end 3/21-22/2015. To read a copy of the 4 minute reflections, click here.

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