Religious Education

Adult & Children Classes

Children Religious Ed Classes: The 2019-2020 CCD Year will begin on Sep 22, 2019 with a Parents’ Meeting after the Sunday Mass. The first CCD class will be on Sep 29th. Registration begins Aug. 25th and registration forms will be available on the side table in the Social Hall. Please contact Dawn Cvitkovich for more info and to register

Sunday Scripture Study: Deana Froerer leads a Scripture Study group on select Sunday’s from 8:00-8:50am. The goal is to meet the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month. However, sometimes the schedule has to change because of conflicts so please consult the Events tab for next date. The sessions will focus on the readings for that Sunday and topics surrounding the readings. No special knowledge, education, or experience required to attend. Come meet fellow Parishioners and join the discussion as Deana brings the scripture alive in a fun & insightful manner. For more info, contact Deana at

The Monday Evening Study Group:  The group meets at 7 pm to 9 pm on Monday evenings. All are welcome. Please call Tooky Schuyler 801-745-2816. The Monday Evening Study Group will be starting a study of Dante’s Divine Comedy on Monday Oct 1, 2018. They will be using a presentation by Professors Cook & Herzman of SUNY that has 24 sessions. Everyone is invited to join. Please order Mark Musa’s translation of the complete Divine Comedy, published by the Indiana University Press. Amazon has new ($20 + shipping) or used (much cheaper).

RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults): Are you interested in becoming a Catholic or returning to the Catholic faith after a long absence?   Contact Deacon Terry Waiss at email

Four Minute Reflections of the Mass: At the request of Bishop Wester, each parish in the diocese will have the opportunity to hear a series of short talks developed by the diocese on the structure of the Mass. These Four Minute Reflections, following the Prayer after Communion, will help the assembly to come to a better understanding of the Mass and to participate more fully, consciously, and actively. The Four-Minute Reflections are scheduled to begin the First Sunday of Advent, 11/29-30/2014 & end 3/21-22/2015. To read a copy of the 4 minute reflections, click here.

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