St. Anne’s Center (Lantern House)


“The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as a gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.  It is twice blest: it blesseth him who gives and him who takes.”

  William Shakespeare: “Merchant of Venice”

Would you like an opportunity to serve the Lord and our special brothers and sisters in need? Would you like to discover how great YOUR life is and how many blessing you have received? We volunteer at St. Anne’s Kitchen at Lantern House on Thursdays serving lunch from 11:15-1:15. Everyone is invited to volunteer. You may not be able to serve every Thursday, but can make it only one or two Thursdays a month – that’s fine.  Sign up here or just come to St. Anne’s Kitchen. It is best to sign up before you go – once in a while we do have too many to serve in the kitchen and sometimes they can use volunteers to help in other areas.  Before you come, check the schedule to see if we are needed – once in a while another group volunteers instead of us. Help is also needed to serve lunch Monday, Tuesday & Friday 11:15-1:15; as well as to serve dinner Monday-Friday 5:00-7:00pm.

St. Anne’s Kitchen is located at 269 W 3300 S Ogden UT (go South on Wall to 33rd, turn right and go to the end. Last building on the left). To enter, Volunteers should go around to the back of the building. There is a single door by the loading docs, ring the bell for entry. There are a few parking spots in the back that we can use too.

Contact Ann Zieve for additional information at 801-695-7787 or

A few simple requests from St. Anne’s (click on the link): St. Anne’s Serving Rules

There is no age restriction, but please use common sense and consider the age of your child/children when volunteering. Your young children may not be physically able to serve (not tall enough to reach over the serving tables)or stand still for an hour while serving (and some of the entrees are hot). They will not be allowed to wander or play around the kitchen or cafeteria. Many of the clients are felons or have addiction problems. While none of the St. Florence volunteers have experienced any problems (in fact clients have been courteous and thankful for our service!), please consider the safety of your little ones!

Aprons and hair nets are provided by St. Anne’s.  If you prefer, you can bring your own cap, but it must cover almost all the hair on your head  (this usually works for gentlemen with conservative short haircuts, ladies with short haircuts or women who can pile their longer hair under a cap)

These requirements are from the Public Health Department or OSHA, not just rules of St. Anne’s.


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